Who is poet22?

It started with a pen and a song

Poet22 is a 21 year old music artist who’s dreamt of being a singer for as long as she can remember. The developing poet spent hours writing haikus and free verse poems, that eventually morphed into song lyrics. Her love for both music and writing has continued to follow her and take her places she never could imagine.

With the release of her first full length project Chrysalis, Poet22 is excited to open up to the world and spread her wings.

Break Out Single

Crush ft Shakko

While some might argue that RnB is dead, Shakko joins poet22 on this melodic masterpiece to dispute those claims. Produced by Marylands own Tamira Slade, crush takes you on a trip down memory lane to when love was simple and easy. You’ll quickly find yourself humming along to the lovesick ear worm that is crush.
“You want me just say it”

Poet22’s Bodylanguage is a sultry ode to femininity and the cat and mouse game often played in the beginning of romantic endeavors. Her soft voice croons over ZakiToure’s smooth Neo-soul production in order to create a timeless and sensual groove.

LATEST Release